Jerry Lawler Praises Asuka's Commentary Performance On WWE Raw

He'd love to work with her again...

Putting on a wrestling show without a crowd has its obvious challenges, but those promotions doing so have gotten creative. AEW livened up this past Wednesday's Dynamite with faces and heels in the crowd, each heckling and hamming it up. On Monday's WWE Raw, Asuka joined the commentary team, and certainly brought energy to a show that needed it.

On his podcast, color commentator Jerry "The King" Lawler commended Asuka's performance on Monday, saying, “If you look online and the internet, she was the hit of the show. Everybody seemed to love Asuka on commentary," and added that he'd love to her on again.

Lawler also noted Asuka's purpose, adding, “They put Asuka out there to help with the commentary and to try to help make some noise and keep things as loud as possible during the match where it wouldn’t be silence so that helped a lot."

"The King" is no stranger to working in empty arenas. In April of 1981, Lawler battled rival Terry Funk in a famed brawl inside the Mid-South Coliseum, with no fans present.

(Credit to WrestlingNews.co for transcription)

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