Jey Uso YEETS Again

Jey Uso: Return Of The YEET

Jey Uso had been regularly “YEETing” ever since his already infamous appearance at the Fastlane 2023 press conference alongside Cody Rhodes, with Uso’s use of the word getting over with fans and making its way more into his promos on TV and in his merchandise too, with a recent popular t-shirt with the word “YEET” spread across it. Due to WWE not filing a trademark, it led to some issues with the use of the word “YEET”, and Uso’s merchandise was even blurred out in clips from the last week. 

The trademark for YEET was suspended in October 2022, after independent wrestling name Kassey Huffman filed for its use back in 2021. A recent update has now shown that Huffman’s application has now been “DISMISSED”. 

This development could explain why Jey Uso sent out the word “YEET” in a tweet yesterday, indicating that he could well start using the word again at some point soon in the future. It may have just been a case of Uso showing solidarity with the YEET, and nothing more though.

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Written by Andrew Kelly