Jim Cornette Files Lawsuit Against G-Raver And The Indy Connection, Defendants Respond With "Clownette" T-Shirts

They start shipping January 16th...

Back in August, death match wrestler G-Raver (real name Brandon Graver) had his arm sliced open by light tubes during a match. Following the incident, Jim Cornette tweeted: "That's a nasty little nick the guy got on his arm there at the end, if the fans were lucky they probably stopped the show so everyone could watch this idiot bleed out."

Since then, G-Raver and Cornette have had somewhat of a real-life feud as Graver started selling "f**k Jim Cornette" t-shirts, which depicted a man who resembled Cornette bleeding with tattoo needles sticking out of his head.

On December 19th, Cornette filed a lawsuit against Grover and the sellers of the t-shirt, The Indy Connection, and Shopify.  Cornette alleged the t-shirt was created without his consent and all three parties were making money from his likeness.

G-Raver and The Indy Connection seem unconcerned about the lawsuit, however, as they recently started selling a "Clownette" t-shirt. The apparel features a man resembling Cornette with clown makeup on and a big red nose. It is currently available to purchase for $24.99 and will begin shipping on January 16th.

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