Jim Cornette Reveals NWA Held Talks With WWE About Putting Powerrr On The WWE Network

Two former rivals almost worked together...

Back on October 8, the National Wrestling Alliance debuted NWA Powerrr on YouTube. Since then, the studio wrestling show has continued to impress fans and attracted a loyal fanbase with stars like Nick Aldis, James Storm, Aron Stevens, and Marty Scurll.

Powerrr may never have debuted on YouTube, however, as former NWA Commentator Jim Cornette revealed on his podcast that Dave Lagana held talks with WWE about broadcasting the weekly show on the WWE Network. Cornette explained Lagana told him about the talks after the Crockett Cup in April 2019 but Vader's former manager admitted he couldn't see WWE putting an NWA TV show on the Network. Ultimately, after a few months of back and forth between himself and Lagana, Cornette received a call from the NWA Vice President to say Powerrr would air on YouTube.

Cornette said: "He (Dave Lagana) started talking about 'Well, we're going to do a TV show,' I said 'What do you mean, Dave?' He said 'Well, we're going to start doing TV.' I said 'What would it be on?' and he said 'Well we're not sure yet but we think it might be on the WWE Network.' And he did have meetings unless he was just bald-faced lying to me. He had meetings to talk to them. I said 'Do you honestly believe the WWF is going to put an NWA television show on their network?' He said 'Well, they might. Well we're talking about it.'"

He later added: "And finally he calls and says 'Well, we're going to do it on YouTube.'"

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