Jim Ross Discusses AEW Absence During Coronavirus Pandemic

The legendary announcer's likely to sit out a while longer...

AEW announcer Jim Ross spoke with Nick Hausman of Wrestling INC, touching upon his recent absences from broadcasts of Dynamite, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ross credits AEW President Tony Khan for taking the initiative and having the older Ross remain at home during this period of uncertainty.

"Tony Khan and I had a very long and thoughtful talk that he initiated," Ross said. "I'm an asset for that company in his view, and mine too, and he said I've got to protect you because he knows I won't protect myself. So, the decision was to stay home for a couple of days and I'm not gonna be on Dynamite this week or next until we see where this thing is headed.

"If it gets worse, I'm 68 and in a high-risk group. I don't wanna die. I don't wanna get the flu because my ego says I've gotta be on TV. 'Oh I can't lose my spot, because then I won't get my push!' Stop. Please."

Recent Dynamites have been handled by Tony Schiavone in his old role of lead announcer, joined by the likes of Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, and Colt Cabana on color.

Ross joined fellow AEW announcers Excalibur and Taz on a post-Dynamite discussion show on Wednesday night.

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