Stephanie McMahon Maintains That WWE Supports Those Who Choose To Miss WrestleMania 36

Emphasizes that it's all voluntary...

WWE Chief Branding Officer Stephanie McMahon spoke with Sports Illustrated on the topic of WrestleMania 36, as well as other WWE performances that are going on minus crowds, during these uncertain times.

McMahon spoke of the protocols that are in place, regarding being able to work at these tapings, saying, “In terms of safety measures and protocols, first and foremost, every performance is voluntary for our performers and crew. That is a really important note to highlight. Also, the Performance Center itself is a closed set. We’re shooting in waves. No one person, regardless of who they are, is allowed to enter if they have a temperature of over 100.4, or if they have been out of the country or been in touch with someone who has been out of the country.

“We also do pandemic-level cleaning, which includes fogging and ultraviolet light, in the facility every single night. That could be overkill, quite frankly, but we really are trying to put in the best safety practices that we possibly can given the circumstances."

When asked about Roman Reigns' decision to pull out of WrestleMania due to potential health concerns, McMahon emphasized the right for talent and personnel to make their own choice, adding, “With all of our superstars, it really is a voluntary basis. It’s not my place to give his personal situation, but we support our superstars. We support their personal opinions and concerns, and again, this is all voluntary. Especially when you have a talent or a performer with pre-existing conditions, or whatever the reason might be. If someone is uncomfortable, we will absolutely honor that.

“We want our talent to perform at WrestleMania, but only if they’re comfortable. Regardless of their reasons, they have to be comfortable. It has to be something they want to do. We absolutely support all of our superstars and their decision of whether or not to perform, especially at this time.”

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