Jim Ross: Mark Henry Is A Good Investment For AEW

The World’s Strongest Man is part of Rampage’s announce team

AEW’s acquisition of WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry took many by surprise, but AEW clearly have big plans for The World’s Strongest Man, with Henry taking up a combined commentator/analyst/talent scout role.

AEW lead announcer Jim Ross has praised the acquisition of Henry, saying on the Grilling JR Podcast:

“He does a great job for AEW in talking to a lot of the young kids. He sits in the group with them during the shows and points out things and lets them come and ask him questions. He’s a very valuable asset to AEW. A lot of folks may not realise it because he’s not on TV all the time, he will be in some role on Rampage. But in any event, Mark was a long term investment [during his early years with WWE]. He was a project, but you can’t replace Mark Henry. Over time he’s evolved into one of the most beloved characters in the business.”

Henry has so far been deployed as an ‘analyst’ on Rampage, with Tony Khan reportedly envisioning him as AEW’s ‘Mean Gene Okerlund’.

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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