Jim Ross Reveals He's Starting A Cannabis Farm Business

A new venture for Good Ol' JR

Jim Ross has revealed he is opening a cannabis farm as part of a new business venture.

The iconic announcer says he, his daughter and his son-in-law are working together to open a cannabis farm in Oklahoma in the near future, and has recently purchased some land in order to facilitate the undertaking.

The use of marijuana for medical reasons was legalised in Oklahoma in 2018 and Ross wants to leave his children something that can help build towards their future while he is still alive.

Speaking on the latest episode of Grilling JR, the AEW commentator revealed: ""My youngest daughter, her husband, and I, and another guy, a lawyer, a specialty in the field, are getting ready to start a cannabis farm. We're looking at the working title of Black Hat Farms.

"I got some land in Oklahoma recently for the grow houses and all those things. That's gonna be their life. It's a big deal. She's got a great job in marketing, she's not gonna quit that, I wouldn't let her consider that. I'm excited about that for my kids."

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