Jim Ross Reveals 'It Looks Like' He'll Write Another Book

Ross has already written two autobiographical books

Jim Ross has revealed it 'looks like' he is going to be writing another book, reflecting on his 50 years working in the world of wrestling, for 2024.

Ross, who started in the wrestling business in 1974, has previously written two autobiographical books. The first, Slobberknocker, was released in 2017, while the second - Under the Black Hat: My Life in the WWE and Beyond - came out last year. 

The AEW Commentator is now looking at doing a third, having been offered deals from a couple of publishers regarding his five decades in the business.

Speaking during a recent 'Ask JR Anything Live' on, Ross revealed: "I’m going to write another book, it looks like. We’ve been offered a deal from a couple of publishers about my 50 years in wrestling. I got in in ‘74, so it’s 2024, a couple of years.

"If I’m above ground, that’s what’s going to happen. That should be fun. I never stopped loving what I did."


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