Eric Bischoff Details WCW 2001 Relaunch Plans

‘The Big Bang’ could have been reality

Before WWE purchased WCW in 2001, it was believed that WCW would be bought by Eric Bischoff and a Fusient Media consortium, with WCW magazine going as far as to announce a WCW relaunch event called ‘The Big Bang’ in May 2001.

However, Vince McMahon ended up buying his competition and ending the Monday night Wars in one fell swoop.

Bischoff’s plans for a WCW relaunch were very real though, and as revealed to CBS Sport, there was a full battle plan laid out:

"Hulk Hogan would have been involved. Bill Goldberg likely would have been involved. Sting, a lot of the top names that you were already familiar with at WCW," Bischoff said. "Not all of them, by the way, but most of them would have likely been involved. There is another group within that list that would have most likely have been involved. But to be honest, we didn't really have much of a chance to formulate a creative strategy during the period of time that we were trying to acquire WCW. Most of our energy was focused on raising $67 million, which was the price tag at the time."

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