Jim Ross Says He Was Interviewed About Plane Ride From Hell For Dark Side Of The Ring

You may have heard of it

In May of 2002, the WWE Raw roster, along with various officials and staffers, were flying home from a just-concluded UK tour. On board the flight, numerous unsavory incidents allegedly occurred, involving a number of individuals, and resulted in fallout to varying degrees.

Then-Raw announcer (and talent relations VP) Jim Ross was on board the flight, and had to deal with both the incidents in real time, and the fallout after.

Ross revealed on an edition of Sports Media with Richard Deitsch that he was interviewed about the ordeal for the Vice TV series Dark Side of the Ring.

"Yesterday, I spent four hours with the Dark of the Ring guys here in my home in Florida and talked about the plane ride from hell," Ross stated. "I told them in the beginning, I said, “I don’t like this topic, I don’t like remembering this bulls--t”. It was a bad day at the office, it was one of the more darker days during my tenure as head of talent relations but it’s going to make a hell of a special for Dark Side of the Ring that was spawned by what they heard Conrad and I talking about on this podcast."

Other topics for the upcoming Dark Side of the Ring season include Dynamite Kid, Brian Pillman, FMW, the 1995 Collision in Korea event, Chris Kanyon, and others.

(Credit to POST Wrestling for transcription)

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