AEW Revolution 2021 Live Results

A big night for AEW

All Elite Wrestling's first pay-per-view of the year, Revolution, is finally here and we will bring you updates throughout the night on The in-ring action is scheduled to begin at midnight GMT/7 pm ET with The Buy In and the main card will follow at 1 am GMT/8 pm ET. 

March 7 promises to be a historic night for AEW and the company will reveal at least two new signings, one of which will be a "hall of fame worthy" talent. Nine matches will also take place on the show, check out the card below:
• Kenny Omega (c) vs. Jon Moxley - Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch for the AEW World Championship
• Sting & Darby Allin vs. Brian Cage & Ricky Starks - Street Fight
• The Young Bucks (c) vs. Chris Jericho & MJF - AEW World Tag Team Championship
• "Hangman" Adam Page vs. Matt Hardy - Big Money Match 
• Cody Rhodes vs. Scorpio Sky vs. Penta El Zero M vs. Lance Archer vs. Max Caster vs. TBA - Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match 
• Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Ryo Mizunami - AEW Women's World Championship
• Bear Country vs. PAC & Fenix vs. The Varsity Blonds vs. Dark Order's 10 & 5 vs. Peter Avalon & Cezar Bononi vs. Matt Sydal & Mike Sydal vs. SCU vs. Gunn Club vs. Natural Nightmares vs. Jurassic Express vs. Santana & Ortiz vs. Stu Grayson & Evil Uno vs. John Silver & Alex Reynolds vs. Private Party vs. The Butcher & The Blade - Casino Tag Team Royale
• Orange Cassidy & Chuck Taylor vs. Miro & Kip Sabian 
• Riho & Thunder Rosa vs. Britt Baker & Reba? - The Buy In

In regards to the Cultaholic Heavyweight Title picture, Pablo the cat won't be defending the title tonight but Owen Mawson, Andrew Hodkinson, Adam Pacitti, Sam Driver and Ross Tweddell gave their predictions for the show earlier. Check out the video below:

Britt Baker & Maki Itoh def. Thunder Rosa & Riho - The Buy In 

Ahead of The Buy In, Britt Baker gave Tony Schiavone a doctor's note, signed by herself, declaring that Reba was unable to compete tonight. Schiavone gave the note to Tony Khan, who ultimately signed off on it after consulting with AEW's medical team. 

Maki Itoh was revealed as Britt Baker's replacement partner and she received a raucous reaction from the crowd in Daily's Place. 

After a brief exchange between Britt Baker and Riho, Maki Itoh and Thunder Rosa entered the ring and exchanged strikes. Itoh then broke down in tears and gave Rosa the middle finger. 

Rosa and Riho took control of the match soon after, working over Maki Itoh. Britt Baker helped The World's Cutest Wrestler out, though, and dragged Riho out of the ring and beat her down on the outside while the official wasn't looking.

Itoh then made the tag to Baker and they dominated the next section of the bout, working over the former AEW Women's World Champion. 

Riho made the tag to Thunder Rosa a couple of minutes later and Maki Itoh managed to hit the Kokeshi on La Mera Mera. She then called for the Diving Kokeshi but Rosa rolled out of the way. 

Both teams exchanged near falls for the next couple of minutes until Reba decked Thunder Rosa with her crutch while the referee wasn't looking. Britt Baker then made the cover to pick up the win for her team. 

The Young Bucks def. Chris Jericho & MJF - AEW World Tag Team Championship 

The pay-per-view started off with an AEW World Tag Team Title match between The Young Bucks and Chris Jericho & MJF which became personal after The Inner Circle members attacked Papa Buck on a recent episode of Dynamite. 

The Young Bucks immediately went straight after The Inner Circle and beat them down on the outside. Both teams then exchanged momentum and The Bucks started the high risk moves early with stereo Suicide Dives. They followed up with stereo Sharpshooters. 

The champions continued with some of their trademark offence to Jericho but MJF interfered and turned his team's fortunes around. The Inner Circle then worked over Matt Jackson for the next few minutes and continued to maintain their advantage courtesy of interference from Wardlow. 

Matt eventually made the hot tag to Nick Jackson and he ran roughshod over MJF and Jericho. He almost picked up the win with a Canadian Destroyer to The Salt Of The Earth. 

Soon after, Jericho countered a Meltzer Driver attempt into a Tombstone Piledriver (yes, you read that correctly) on Matt and the Walls Of Jericho on Nick. 

MJF then taunted Matt with repeated 'Suck Its.' This almost backfired as Matt set him up for the Meltzer Driver but Jericho caught Nick with a Codebreaker while he was flying through the air. Wardlow then distracted Aubrey Edwards and The Inner Circle took advantage as Jericho decked Matt with the baseball bat and MJF connected with Heatseeker for a close near fall. 

Wardlow tried to interfere again a few moments later but he ate a Judas Effect from Jericho after Nick Jackson ducked. 

The champions then almost picked up the win as they countered a Lionsault into a Superkick Party and followed up with the BTE Trigger, but MJF broke up the win. 

The Bucks followed up with numerous Superkicks on their opponents and finally hit the Meltzer Driver on The Painmaker for the 1-2-3. 

PAC & Rey Fenix win the Casino Tag Team Royale 

This wasn't just a battle royal and was actually like a Royal Rumble. The match started out with two teams and a new team entered every 90 seconds. 

1. Natural Nightmares

2. Dark Order's 5 & 10

3. Santana & Ortiz 

Dark Order's 5 was the first man eliminated. 

4. Matt Sydal & Mike Sydal 

5. Evil Uno & Stu Grayson

Mike Sydal was eliminated before the next team entered. 

6. Gunn Club 

The Sydal Brothers were the first team eliminated as Santana & Ortiz tossed out Matt Sydal. 

7. Peter Avalon & Cezar Bononi 

8. The Varsity Blonds

Gunn Club eliminated Peter Avalon and Colton hit a Fameasser on Bononi. While they were trying to toss him out, fellow Nightmare Family member QT Marshall came up from behind and tossed them over the top rope. Dustin Rhodes immediately called out his partner and QT Marshall spat at him and eliminated himself. 

9. Bear Country

Bear Country eliminated Stu Grayson. 

10. Jurassic Express

Jungle Boy Clotheslined Ortiz over the top rope and Luchasaurus eliminated Cezar Bononi and Griff Garrison. Jungle Boy then tossed out Santana and Marko Stunt hit a Hurricanrana on Evil Uno to eliminate the Dark Order man. 

11. The Butcher & The Blade

The Butcher and The Blade eliminated Brian Pillman Jr. 10 was eliminated by Jack Evans, who wasn't in the match. Bunny pulled Dustin Rhodes off the apron to eliminate him.

12. Private Party 

13. SCU

Bear Country looked impressive and eliminated Luchasaurus. While Boulder and Bronson celebrated, The Butcher snuck up behind them and heaved Bear Country over the top rope.

14. Rey Fenix & PAC 

PAC had a more successful day than Steve Bruce as he quickly eliminated Marq Quen while Fenix tossed out The Blade.

15. John Silver & Alex Reynolds 

Silver and Reynolds hit Isiah Kassidy with Dark Destroyer and tossed him over the top rope. Christopher Daniels eliminated The Butcher. Rey Fenix eliminated The Fallen Angel a few moments later.

Alex Reynolds and Jungle Boy battled on the apron and Jungle Boy sent him flying to the floor. PAC then dumped Frankie Kazarian over the top rope. 

The final four were PAC, Rey Fenix, Jungle Boy and John Silver. 

John Silver ended up being eliminated after Rey Fenix walked the ropes and booted The Meat Man in the face while he was on the apron. PAC was dumped over the top rope by Jungle Boy a few moments later. 

After an excellent back and forth, Rey Fenix Superkicked Jungle Boy and Clotheslined him over the top rope for the win. 

Hikaru Shida def. Ryo Mizunami - AEW Women's World Championship 

Before the next match, Paul Wight said he doesn't believe anyone in AEW can outwork the hall of fame worthy signing. 

The video package before the match centred around how Ryo Mizunami previously told Hikaru Shida she wouldn't beat her even if it took 100 years. 

Both women battled back and forth in the opening minutes and we had our first big moment after Mizunami caught Shida during her Jumping Knee Strike and dumped her into the audience at ringside. 

A little while later, Shida planted Mizunami on the stage and followed up with a Superplex for a near fall. 

Both women exchanged strikes and Shida hit the Tamashii, but she couldn't make the cover. They exchanged Forearms soon after and Mizunami followed up with a Uranage and a Spear. She then connected with the Guillotine Leg Drop but Shida kicked out. 

The champion and challenger battled back and forth and Shida gained the upper hand with a Falcon Arrow. She then connected with a Knee to the back of Mizunami's head and another Falcon Arrow for a near fall. 

Shida hit a Jumping Knee and a second Tamashii, but Mizunami reversed into a pin for a close near fall. 

Shida hit a third Tamashii and Mizunami somehow kicked out. A Corkscrew Knee Strike from the champion was enough to finally put the challenger away. 

After the bell, Nyla Rose, Maki Itoh and Britt Baker beat down Shida and Mizunami before Thunder Rosa made the save. 

AEW then announced Double Or Nothing 2021 would take place on Sunday, May 30 at Daily's Place. 

Miro & Kip Sabian def. Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy 

Before the match, Miro and Kip Sabian beat down Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor backstage and The Best Man threw Chuck headfirst into a glass door. 

Miro then dragged Chuck Taylor to the ring for the match and Orange Cassidy was nowhere to be seen. 

The tag team worked over Taylor before a beaten down Orange Cassidy crawled to the ramp and drilled Miro with an Orange Punch. The King Of Sloth Style then connected with his trademark offence on Kip Sabian for a near fall. 

Chuck Taylor and Cassidy hit a Beach Break-Kick combination on Sabian and Taylor followed up with a Piledriver before Miro broke up the pin. 

Cassidy and Miro then went face to face and Cassidy got the better of the exchange with Stundog Millionaire and an Orange Punch. He had the upper hand until Miro pushed Cassidy into Penelope Ford, sending her flying from the apron.

Miro then dominated the closing stages and he locked in Game Over on Chuck Taylor for the win. 

Alex Marvez interviewed Chris Jericho and MJF after the match and the Inner Circle war council will take place on Wednesday's Dynamite. Both men promised changes to the faction. 

"Hangman" Adam Page def. Matt Hardy - Big Money Match 

The action quickly spilled to the outside and Hangman hit a Diving Double Axe Handle from the stairs to Hardy. Big Money Matt gained the upper hand a few moments later, though, and he sandwiched Page's hand between the steel steps and the ramp before booting the steel. 

Page eventually fought back and connected with a Death Valley Driver and his Jumping Clothesline on the apron. He went for a Dive to the outside but Matt moved out of the way and connected with a Twist Of Fate on the floor. 

Both men continued to battle back and forth and Page connected with an Orihara Moonsault and a Diving Crossbody for a near fall. 

Soon after, Hangman Page connected with Dead Eye but Isiah Kassidy distracted the referee. Page then took out both members of Private Party after they tried to enter the ring and he went for a Buckshot Lariat. Hardy blocked it, though, and caught Page with a Side Effect and Twist Of Fate for a close near fall. 

Dark Order then spilled to the ring and cleared out Private Party. Hardy then knocked Page off the apron but Dark Order caught him and Hangman connected with a Buckshot Lariat to pick up the win. 

Dark Order and Page embraced after the match and they celebrated with a few beers. 

Scorpio Sky wins the Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match 

The six wrestlers competed for a literal brass ring to earn a TNT Title shot on Wednesday's episode of Dynamite. 

As many expected, Ethan Page was the sixth entrant in the Face Of The Revolution Ladder Match. 

Lance Archer was the first man to get his hands on a ladder and he took out everyone in sight until Penta El Zero M caught him with a Slingblade. Jack Evans then brought Max Caster his patented Boombox and he beat everyone down with the weapon. 

Penta ran up a ladder and hit a Senton over the top rope for the next big moment. Ethan Page hit a cutter on Lance Archer and The Murderhawk Monster's head bounced off the ladder. Lance Archer's night got worse after Page hit a Splash Mountain on Scorpio Sky while the former IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion was stuck in the ladder. 

A few moments later, Penta El Zero M hit Cody Rhodes with a Canadian Destroyer on a ladder draped between the barricade and the ring. AEW's medical team immediately rushed to check on Cody's shoulder and he was taken to the back. 

The remaining five men battled over the brass ring for the next several minutes before our next big moment when Caster hit a Sunset Powerbomb to Ethan Page from the ladder. Caster suffered a Frog Splash on a ladder from Scorpio Sky a few moments later. 

Scorpio Sky was sent crashing through a ladder soon after as Lance Archer Kneed him from the top rope. 

After some time in the back, Cody returned to the match but couldn't really use his left arm. He managed to hit a Cross Rhodes on Ethan Page, though. Cody maybe should have stayed in the back as Lance Archer Superplexed him from the ladder and Max Caster followed up with Claim To Fame. 

Lance Archer Chokeslammed Page, Cody and Penta before connecting with Blackout on the ladder to Caster. Archer then climbed to the top of the ladder but Page stopped him with a Low Blow and Razor's Edge. Jake Roberts entered the ring and hit Page with a Clothesline.

Roberts found himself taking a bump a few moments later after a Superkick from Penta. Sky, Penta and Cody then battled over the ladder and The American Nightmare and Sky fought over the brass ring before Sky tossed Cody to the floor and won the Ladder match. 

The Hall Of Fame Worthy Signing Is...

Christian Cage! Reports over the weekend noted Christian and WWE were unable to come to terms on a contract following his Royal Rumble appearance and the multi-time world champion is the latest member of the AEW roster. 

Sting & Darby Allin def. Brian Cage & Ricky Starks - Street Fight 

The rivalry came to a head in the latest cinematic match of the pandemic era. 

After dramatic entrances, both teams faced off in a ring surrounded by masked Stings in a warehouse. 

Sting hit Starks with a Stinger Splash while Brian Cage beat down Darby Allin elsewhere in the warehouse. The masked Stings quickly fled and Allin ended up being Press Slammed through a door while Sting hit another Stinger Splash. Sting then chased Starks through the warehouse with his baseball bat before The Icon threw it away. 

After dealing with Ricky Starks, Sting caught up with Brian Cage and the babyfaces briefly overwhelmed The Machine before Absolute reappeared. Sting took a barrel to his knees soon after and Cage ended up decking Starks with a bin lid after The Franchise ducked. 

Cage was sent crashing through a table soon after. Darby then hit a Coffin Drop from a post on Starks but Hook and Powerhouse Hobbs suddenly appeared and beat down the TNT Champion to stop him from making the pin. Sting was unable to help as Brian Cage beat him down in another corner of the warehouse. Hobbs and Cage then Shuggy Boated Darby through a window. 

Team Taz beat down Sting until Allin tossed The Icon the baseball bat. Sting then bashed Cage onto a platform and Darby Allin hit an Elbow Drop on Cage from three floors up.

This left the match between Sting and Starks and Ricky managed to avoid a Stinger Splash and followed up with a Spear for a near fall. After both men battled back and forth some more, Sting managed to catch Starks with a Scorpion Death Drop to pick up the win. 

The question is, how can Darby Allin possibly defend the TNT Title on Wednesday after hitting an Elbow Drop from three floors up?

Kenny Omega def. Jon Moxley - Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch for the AEW World Championship 

The ring was surrounded by wooden panels draped with barbed wire with landmines underneath. Bryce Remsburg wore a flame-retardant suit. Barbed wire wooden panels were also placed in two corners. 

Both men walked around the ring before they finally locked up. They then tried to force each other into the barbed wire ropes and ended up exchanging Chops. 

It didn't take long for weapons to be added to the mix as Moxley Clotheslined Omega over the one normal top rope and beat him down with a kendo stick and barbed wire baseball bat. They then reentered the ring and Omega blinded Moxley by throwing powder into his eye.

The Maestro Of Mayhem was then whipped into the ropes and we were greeted with our first explosion. Omega followed up with repeated kendo stick and trash can shots. He then connected with a Kotaro Krusher on the trash can, busting Moxley open. 

Moxley grated a barbed wire chair over Omega's knees and the former AEW World Champion went crashing through one of the barbed wire boards a few moments later. Omega went to lock in a Figure Four but Moxley countered and booted him into the ropes. Moxley capitalised with a Shotgun Dropkick to send Omega crashing into the exploding ropes once again. 

The IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion threw Omega into the other barbed wire panel and Sideslammed The Best Bout Machine on the barbed wire steel chair. Moxley wrapped barbed wire around his arm and after a brief back and forth, he managed to Clothesline Omega. 

We had our fourth explosion after Moxley went for the Paradigm Shift and Omega rammed him into the ropes. 

The action spilled to the apron and Moxley connected with a Paradigm Shift onto a barbed wire landmine board at ringside. Omega was left a crimson mass following the move.

After prying himself from the board, Moxley unfurled some of the barbed wire, wrapped it around his hand and repeatedly punched Omega in the face. 

At the 20-minute mark, Moxley connected with a Piledriver but Omega kicked out. Moxley went for another Paradigm Shift but Omega fought back with a Low Blow and connected with two V Triggers and a One-Winged Angel. Moxley got his foot to the rope and caused an explosion to break up the pin, blinding Omega in the process. 

As Moxley seemingly had the match won, The Good Brothers ran to the ring and handed Omega an exploding barbed wire bat. Omega decked Moxley but the challenger somehow kicked out. 

A three-on-one beatdown followed and Omega connected with a One-Winged Angel on a steel chair to win the match 

The countdown towards the explosion continued to tick down while The Good Brothers and Omega handcuffed and beat down Moxley after the match. 

As we entered the final minute, The Good Brothers and Omega fled the ring. Eddie Kingston then charged to the ring to help his unconscious former friend and he shielded Moxley from the pitiful final explosion. 

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