Jim Ross Takes Exception To Seth Rollins' AEW "Minor League" Remark, Says "Maybe Someday He'll Be As Over As His Girlfriend"

A little bit of sniping...

Some folks took exception to Seth Rollins referring to All Elite Wrestling as "the minor leagues" during a recent Fandemic Q&A session (when asked about an eventual match between he and Kenny Omega). One of those individuals unhappy with his remarks was AEW announcer Jim Ross.

Ross fired back on the latest edition of his Grilling JR podcast with Conrad Thompson. expressing his displeasure with that comment, and offering his own retorts.

"I’m not inferring that Seth thinks he’s bigger than the business, but by what he says sometimes, you can make that assessment, rightly or wrongly, but it’s not a classy thing to say, for an athlete of his designation," Ross offered.

"Since this came out, I talked to two Hall of Fame guys, off the record cause I’m not going to throw them under the bus, that were embarrassed about those remarks as well. It doesn’t do the business any good and one of these cats even said to me, ‘Well maybe Rollins is breaking under the pressure because he’s getting a lot of criticism."

Ross also added, "Rollins is in a great spot, he’s blessed, maybe someday he’ll be as over as his girlfriend, I don’t know, but nonetheless, I’ve always liked his work. He’s a solid guy, he’s a solid guy, but saying things like that make him look bad and for that I feel bad for him. I just do.

"“I just believe sometimes it’s internal, sometimes what they’re driven to say, what they feel obligated to say, they say things that they think will gain the favor of their bosses, I don’t know."

Ross did speak favorably of Rollins as a performer, and added, “If Omega and Rollins did have a match it would be a great match because both of them are great workers."

(Credit to Dominic DeAngelo of WrestleZone for transcription)

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