Jim Ross: The WWE 24/7 Title Is Hideous

JR isn't a fan of the 'spiritual successor' to the Hardcore Title

When WWE introduced the 24/7 Championship it was seen as a nod to the fondly remembered days of the Hardcore Title during the Attitude Era, when Champion Crash Holly vowed to defend it 24/7, any time, any place, anywhere.

However, like the Hardcore Title, the 24/7 scene has become undeniably farcical, and WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is not a fan, saying on the Grilling JR podcast:

“It was just another watered-down championship [Hardcore title], and now it’s even worse. The 24/7 title, right? That’s hideous. It’s not even realistic. It has had so many champions, you can’t name them all.”

Since its introduction in May 2019, there have been 51 24/7 champions with 154 reigns between them, with R Truth leading the pack with 52 reigns across 425 days.

The title has changed hands on WWE TV, WWE network specials and live events, on WWE’s YouTube and TikTok channels, and even during an Old Spice TV advertisement spot. 

H/T: Sportskeeda Wrestling

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