Joey Janela Did Not Want A Fire Extinguisher For Flaming Boot Spot

Joey Janela didn't want a rash following a fire extinguisher blast

Joey Janela attempted to execute a dangerous spot during his GCW match against Drew Parker on May 21 as The Bad Boy connected with a Superkick while his boot was on fire. The moment went terribly wrong, though, as after Janela executed the move perfectly, GCW officials failed to put the fire out as they were using bottles of water. The flame was only extinguished after a leather jacket was thrown over Janela's sock.

Janela addressed the incident on Insight with Chris Van Vliet and the former AEW talent revealed he did not want a fire extinguisher to be at ringside for the spot.

"Fire spots go to the left or the right, it's rarely perfect. They either don't work and the fire goes out and you look like a complete idiot or the fire is blazing and you nearly die. I didn't want to make it a shitty fire spot. When I took the lighter fluid, I absolutely used, probably three-quarters of the bottle on my foot and when we were ready to go, I took the lighter, lit my foot up, and it was blazing. I didn't really feel it at the time. It wasn't bad, I hit it, perfectly executed superkick with the fire, couldn't have gone any better. Then, I'm waiting for the water," Janela began.

"I didn't want a fire extinguisher. Usually, a fire extinguisher, it's kind of pointless. You put water on the fire and it goes out. That's what people don't get. The last thing you want is some fucking guy spraying a fire extinguisher and me breaking out in a rash and my eyes swelling up for four days. The chemicals in a fire extinguisher are terrible for you. This is not a 2000 WWF fire extinguisher, it's a real one, I didn't want that sprayed at me. Usually, a bucket of water will do it. That's what they had."

Janela revealed the water used was store brand. The Bad Boy also managed to walk away from the incident unscathed, noting he didn't suffer any burns. He has since wrestled three times, including in a match against Johnny Elite/John Morrison/Johnny Game Changer on May 28.

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