CM Punk On How AEW Can Top The 2005 Summer Of Punk

CM Punk also had a memorable summer in 2011...

CM Punk has said that his upcoming summer run could be the best of his career when asked if he was set for another 'Summer of Punk'. 

The first Summer of Punk took place in Ring of Honor in 2005, when the Straight-Edge Superstar won the Ring of Honor World Title and continued wrestling for the promotion, despite it being common knowledge that he had signed a WWE developmental deal. 

The second Summer of Punk came in 2011 and included the infamous 'pipe bomb' promo, as well as Punk's WWE Title victory over John Cena at Money in the Bank. 

Speaking during his post-Double or Nothing media scrum, the new AEW Champion talked about how they could possibly top the previous two, emphasising the need to tell great stories and focusing on wrestling: 

"Oh God, I don't know. I mean that's the goal, right? And it's weird, too, because I'm a fall guy. I like Halloween, I like the cooler weather. But summer seems to be my time of year. I think we top it by telling great stories and making the focus wrestling. And I have a crazy sandbox full of talent that I get to wrestle and I think that’s how we try to top it. 

"I feel like this is the first time in my career I'm more comfortable being the good guy. I've always felt a little shy about it. I feel more connected more to the audience than ever before. Probably has a lot to do with me disappearing for so long. And every day, really, is a gift. And I think that the fans feel that, and I think I project that. It's just like this could all be gone tomorrow, and I'm just really trying to really relish every single moment I have in the ring and make everything special. That's how we make that the best Summer of Punk. Just try to make every moment count".

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