Joey Janela On His Match With Kenny Omega, Having Both Hardcore And Technical Matches

The Bad Boy speaks...

Since debuting in All Elite Wrestling, Joey Janela has introduced his hardcore wrestling style to a wider audience. He faced Jon Moxley in a non-sanctioned match at Fyter Fest, and recently fought Kenny Omega in a match involving tables, ladders, and chairs - only being defeated by Omega after suffering a One Winged Angel onto a steel chair.

Janela recently did an interview with Post Wrestling in which he discussed his match with Omega. He explained how it was supposed to be a regular singles contest, but it was changed by Tony Khan the night before. He added that he looks forward to facing Omega for a third time, hopefully on a pay-per-view. Janela said: "The response was crazy. Actually, we were supposed to have a straight-up, regular match on [AEW] Dark. Nothing too crazy, and I got the call the night before from Tony Khan. [We] hanged it to the f**k-fest that it became. And me and Kenny, we went 30 minutes which wasn’t supposed to be the case and it was kind of a big match for me. One of the main reasons I signed to AEW was to wrestle Kenny Omega, and I got it so soon and it came so sudden. I just found out that week that I was wrestling him and we did it, we went to TV the next week and did it again, and I look forward to wrestling him on a pay-per-view in the future and having a big match with him."

Later in the interview, The Bad Boy discussed how he is more famous for his hardcore matches, but he very much enjoys technical contests as well. He elaborated: "I’ve been doing technical wrestling for a while now. I’ve had matches on the indies with the [Matt] Riddles, Zack Sabre Jrs of the world - a thirty minute match with Zack Sabre Jr. a couple of years ago in Connecticut - and people on the indies know I can wrestle because I’ve done it all in front of these fans. But the new fans coming into AEW, see me for the first time saw me as kind of hardcore, car accident, f**k-fest, 'fall off a ladder and kill yourself' wrestler, which is not the case. So now it’s me doing the same thing [as I did] after I got thrown off that building a few years ago, and proving people wrong on a larger scale."

You can watch Joey Janela vs. Kenny Omega on AEW Dark below:

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