Joey Janela Reveals He Was Originally Set To Re-Sign With AEW

Joey Janela hasn't ruled out an AEW return, though

Joey Janela has revealed he was originally set to re-sign with All Elite Wrestling in 2022 but he opted not to do so after garnering heat in the promotion for injuring Eddie Kingston. 

"I was set to re-sign, and then I think I superkicked Eddie [Kingston] in the face a little bit too hard and broke his eye socket. I think he was going to feud with Chris Jericho, and then there was a little heat on me there. I was just like, 'I'm not dealing with it again.' So, I just hit up DDT in Japan that day and said, 'I'm not gonna re-sign.' That day they sent me a tour," Janela said on a K&S Wrestlefest signing

Janela faced Kingston on the January 11, 2022, episode of AEW Dark. The Bad Boy would only wrestle for AEW one more time a few days later before exiting the promotion in May when his deal expired. 

Since his AEW departure, Janela has competed for the likes of DDT Pro Wrestling, GCW, and UWN. He didn't rule out an AEW return, however, adding: "Never say never - me coming back there. I still have friends there, but right now I'm content with what I'm doing."

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