Joey Janela Says He And Eddie Kingston Don't Have Heat Following AEW Match

No heat on Joey Janela from Eddie Kingston

While speaking about his decision to not re-sign with All Elite Wrestling, Joey Janela admitted the promotion may have had plans for him but they were quashed after Eddie Kingston suffered a fractured orbital bone during their AEW Dark match in January 2022. 

Reports have noted Janela had heat as a result of the injury and this only added to The Bad Boy's reputation within the company of being somewhat of an unsafe worker. 

Taking to Twitter, Janela acknowledged a May 2021 match with Hangman Page where the now-AEW World Champion was busted open and The Bad Boy also revealed he doesn't have heat with Eddie Kingston. 

"Lol this hangman deal keeps popping up, never hurt him or 'potato'd him' the metal sticking out of my knee brace sliced his head when he popped me up for the bomb. Mainstream wrestling fandom is the most toxic echo chamber of BS. People need something to do on break at subway. I also suffered a horrible concussion that match, but no hard feelings it ain't f*cking ballot and I'm not a p*ssy. Also me and Eddie have absolutely 0 heat over that mistake," Janela tweeted.

Hangman replied to Janela's tweet, apologising for the concussion. 

"Apologies again, nothing but love and respect. best of luck and ill see you down the line," he wrote

Janela will depart AEW when his contract expires on May 1 and he revealed he plans to continue performing on the independents, with a goal of his being a run in Japan

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