John Cena: How The Pandemic Era Has Benefited Roman Reigns In WWE

The Tribal Chief has transformed his career in the past year

John Cena knows a thing or two about hostile crowds, with the multi-time WWE Champion one of the most divisive figures in WWE history. So too is Roman Reigns, who up until his heel turn in 2020 was either the best thing since sliced bread or public enemy number one depending on who you were.

Since his return though, Reigns has decisively moulded himself into one of the most dominant heels in recent memory, and according to Cena, the ‘pandemic era of WWE’ helped The Tribal Chief really find his voice.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Cena said:

“I also think this time has allowed performers like Roman Reigns to un-obstructively mould his character. If you send him from city-to-city, there may be some audiences that don’t care what he has to say, and just want to boo or cheer him. But without that [obstruction], Reigns has absolutely needed this time, and in it, he has developed his personality, his character.

“Reigns has found out who he is. So, now, when he goes back to live audiences, they are not confused. He spent this 15-month block to define who he is. And he’s the one who could benefit the most from it. On the other hand, established performers like myself would have had a difficult time with no audiences.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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