John Cena: Why I Follow My WWE Fans Back On Twitter

"I enjoy what I do with social media because it keeps me creative, I also use it like a daily journal."

John Cena has offered an insight into his opinions on social media and why he likes to follow some of his fans back on Twitter. 

Cena boasts almost 13 million followers on Twitter and has taken the effort over time to follow back around 245,000 accounts, something the 16-time WWE and World Heavyweight Champion has never commented on before. 

However, the 44-year-old has now revealed that he takes great pride in giving as many of his followers as he can the knowledge that he knows they exist, and that he recognises and is thankful of their support.

Cena told Bleacher Report: "We always talk about followers, how many people are following me. I just think it's important, and I obviously can't speak to everyone because there's not enough minutes in the day, to let someone know you're there with something as simple as hitting a 'follow' button.

"I can do a few minutes at a time if I'm traveling in a car or have a few moments to myself or just cracking a message for the day. I can follow a group of people who my message resonated with or they've been following me for a while or they see my positivity and motivation.

"I'm very grateful for everyone who looks at those messages because it's why, among other things, those two new books are out because it's almost like a greatest hits or culmination of Twitter journaling. I think following and listening to folks and just recognizing their existence is as important, if not more important, than people following you.

"I enjoy what I do with social media because it keeps me creative, I also use it like a daily journal. It's very much on my mind that I should be accountable for what I say. A lot of the existence on social media is brash, abrasive, argumentative, and I think it's that way to give the lack of accountability and say whatever we want and not be held accountable for it. To me, it reinforces my self-worth. If I reach anyone, that's great, but I do it for me."

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