John Morrison 'Scared' WALTER At WWE Royal Rumble 2020

Johnny Drip Drip was a little too keen

There are many reasons for wrestlers to want to work together; money making potential, exciting storylines, mutual respect. But in the case of John Morrison, his enthusiasm for wanting to work WALTER may have scared The Ring General off, because WALTER is Morrison’s dog’s favourite wrestler.

You read that correctly.

Whilst speaking with Corey Graves on After the Bell, Morrison detailed how his first meeting with WALTER may have been too much for the former WWE NXT UK Champion:

“WALTER, I’d like to wrestle WALTER because he’s [my dog’s] favourite wrestler. Presley was tweeting WALTER for like six months, every time he came out, Presley would watch his theme music. And the first time I met WALTER was at [Royal] Rumble before the lockdown started. I was a little too excited maybe. He walked in and I was talking to Edge and Christian and a bunch of the guys, and I screamed like across the room like ‘Hey, WALTER! Hey, you’re my dog’s favourite wrestler.’ I ran over and I think I spooked him because he turned around and left. I haven’t talked to him since. I don’t know what happened, if I spooked him or he thinks I’m crazy, but hopefully he knows I was just excited for my dog.”

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