Johnny Gargano: Maybe Tommaso Ciampa And I Will Finish Our Feud Somewhere One Day

Could the former DIY partners cross paths down the road?

It’s the feud that defined the black and gold era of WWE NXT; Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa. 

A hatred based on betrayal and championship gold, the two routinely beat seven bells out of one another, before patching things up, and even teaming together as Gargano’s WWE deal expired earlier this month.

Taking to Twitch though, Gargano teased that the two may one day resume their rivalry:

"So, we did find out we were doing that until maybe that day obviously, it wasn't the ending me and Tommaso wanted. We wanted to be able to finish our feud. It was supposed to be TakeOver: Tampa. [Was originally] supposed to be TakeOver: New York and then this was supposed to be TakeOver: Tampa, we wanted to have a huge crowd and all that but that’s not how things work out. Unfortunately. That's, I guess, the story of our whole feud. It's just timing and just thing’s not working out. Who knows, maybe we'll finish it one day somewhere.”

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