Johnny Gargano Reveals Lost WWE Attitude Era Podcast With Adam Cole

What could have been

Johnny Gargano has revealed he and Adam Cole recorded a pilot for a new WWE podcast, focused on the Attitude Era, only for the project to be binned after the first episode. 

Gargano and Cole, while portrayed as rivals on WWE NXT TV, collaborated on a number of projects backstage in WWE, with 'Johnny Wrestling' now revealing that he and Cole were set to co-host a podcast on the Attitude Era. 

The plan was for the podcast to be a watch along of old WWE shows from the Attitude Era but it got scrapped after the pilot was filmed.

Speaking on his first ever Twitch stream earlier this week, Gargano said about Cole: "He is very happy that I'm doing [Twitch] now. 

"We recorded a pilot for a podcast that we hosted. We were going to host an Attitude Era podcast. It was going to be under the WWE banner. We recorded a pilot and it was with a couple of guests; Malcolm Bivens and Dakota Kai. Those were our two first guests.

"There is a podcast somewhere out there that has been recorded with us four talking about the Attitude Era. Obviously, it didn't happen, I think due to the transition from the Network to Peacock. It was a podcast where you could watch along with episodes from the Attitude Era. It was very fun. Who knows, maybe one day."

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