Jon Moxley "Felt Terrible" During His AEW Return Match

Jon Moxley did not feel like himself during AEW return match

AEW star Jon Moxley recently detailed the process of coming back after completing an in-patient rehabilitation treatment programme for alcohol abuse. 

Speaking with his wife Renee Paquette on this week's episode of The Sessions, Moxley described how badly he felt during his first match back and how long it took him to feel comfortable in the ring again. 

"So my first match back, you think it's gonna be like, 'Okay, well, now you're sober so you're just going to feel like a million dollars'. It doesn't really work like that. It was weird. It was like my legs were in quicksand. I didn't have any adrenaline, not that I didn't have any adrenaline, so much is like, I wasn't nervous. It's hard to put into words, but it used to be like this big, long, giant process to get ready to go out and do a match or wrestle, like this transformation to be ready to go to the ring," Moxley said.

"I think people who probably don't spend their lives partying too much or whatever, probably take for granted just waking up in the morning and feeling good. I feel like I'm cheating. Like, the novelty hasn't fully worn off of not having a hangover. Just like waking up and being like, okay, I don't have to worry about being massively dehydrated or feeling like crap or whatever. For me, it's almost like I got a cheat code or something.

"But like that first match, I felt terrible. I just felt off, like, it was weird. I can't really explain it, like I was just chemically imbalanced and it was strange. Then it got a little better the next match and the next match. Finally, I wrestled Bryan at a pay-per-view. More or less, I just went to the ring, and like the first time I've ever met him, just got in the ring and just wrestled. Then I kind of started feeling my mojo again. But it took me like a month," he added.

Moxley returned to AEW on the January 21 episode of Rampage, beating Ethan Page. 

He is scheduled to wrestle Hiroshi Tanahashi in a match to determine the Interim AEW World Champion at this Sunday's Forbidden Door pay-per-view. 


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