Jon Moxley Would Be Happy To Support His Daughter In Wrestling

Could we one day see Moxley Jr. in the ring?

This week saw Renee Young and Jon Moxley welcome their baby daughter into the world. But despite being literally days old, people are already asking about a potential future in the wrestling business.

Moxley was on hosting duty for the most recent episode of Oral Sessions and took on questions from listeners. When asked about if he’d support his daughter if she wanted to get into ‘the biz’, Moxley said:

“If she was really passionate about it, then yeah, go for it. If not, if it were just a playing around thing, then go play around with it. I would assess where her mindset was and [I would say], ‘Get in there and, uh, take a bump. See how that feels.’ Whatever she wants to do, I will support it. If she ever wanted to get into wrestling, in theory, I would rather guide it and make sure it was done correctly and safely and right, and for all of the right reasons.”

The likelihood of Moxley Jr. getting into the ring isn’t out of the question, with pro wrestling littered with successful wrestling families, and second, third, and fourth generation stars in every company you can think of. But still, I think we'll be waiting a fair few years before we get an answer.

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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