Jordynne Grace Wants To Bring More Eyes To IMPACT Wrestling Following Knockouts Title Win

Jordynne Grace wants more people watching IMPACT Wrestling

Jordynne Grace is once again the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion, having won the title for the second time in her career in the first ever Queen of the Mountain match at the recent Slammiversary 2022 PPV.

Being champion is more than just wearing the title, and as Grace revealed to Denise Salcedo on Instinct Culture, she wants bring more eyes to IMPACT as Champ:

"I want to bring more eyes to the Knockouts Division, in IMPACT in general. I feel like we put out such an incredible product and the women are given more opportunities here than any other promotion and I feel like fans need to start watching IMPACT Wrestling and seeing these things. A lot of people still have in their head, you know 'back in the day they messed things up a little bit,' but it's a completely new crew now. Everything is different and I think we need to be given that opportunity again to be one of the top companies.We need more eyes on us. And that's my goal as champion,” said Grace.

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