Juice Robinson Comments On IMPACT Wrestling/NJPW Working Relationship

Juice and David Finlay have been splitting time between the two promotions in 2021

For all talk of wrestling’s forbidden door, one of the greatest success stories has been the repairing of the relationship between IMPACT Wrestling, and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The likes of TJP, Chris Bey, and The Good Brothers have done work with NJPW, whilst names such as Satoshi Kojima, Jay White, and FinJuice have appeared for IMPACT. Now, FinJuice’s Juice Robinson has spoken of the relationship between the two promotions, telling Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp:

"I think behind in the scenes in pro wrestling, it was obvious. You could kinda see. Time heals all wounds. People that made IMPACT and New Japan have a sour deal are gone. There’s new people and they’re friendly towards one another. Of course, we’re gonna work together. Especially when we’re in extraordinary times, which was when we were locked in the country. We were doing New Japan Strong. We had that opportunity to go play on their TV show. I think it’s awesome and now you’re seeing those guys on Strong. Before you know it, you’re gonna see IMPACT guys over there or Japanese guys on IMPACT people going to AEW. Anybody can end up anywhere right now. It’s awesome. Of course, we want to be a part of that."

FinJuice have ran with the IMPACT World Tag team Championship in 2021, defeating The Good Brothers for the belts.

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