Juice Robinson Originally Wanted To Name FinJuice The Road Wives

He's still open to changing the name

Juice Robinson and David Finlay have been teaming together since 2017 as FinJuice, a mash-up of their first names. 

Juice revealed on Straight Shootin with Matt Rehwoldt that he didn't want to call the team FinJuice originally, though, and he actually wanted their name to be The Road Wives. 

"I was asking, 'Why do we call ourselves FinJuice?' I wanted our names to be The Road Wives. I thought it was cool and sounded like a punk rock thing. The Road Wives is also a behind the scenes, silly, jargon term [about] the guy you ride with and hang out with all the time. We would say it jokingly and I thought it was a great name. Somebody said it on Twitter. They asked our name and [Finlay] said [it was FinJuice]," Robinson said.

Despite having now used the FinJuice name for four years, Robinson is still up for changing it, adding: "I think we should still change it. Do a formal name change to The Road Wives."

Robinson and Finlay have enjoyed success as a tag team during their time together and they are currently the reigning IMPACT World Tag Team Champions. 

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