Karl Anderson: WWE Is A Political Insane Asylum

“… I figured it out and was like, 'wow, this is place is f*****.’”

The Good Brothers’ time in WWE didn’t reach the heights that many fans think it should have.

Although reigning as Tag Team Champions on two occasions, Gallows and Anderson were hardly featured attractions, despite the fanfare surrounding their signings in 2016.

Now, on the Talk’n Shop Podcast, Karl Anderson has detailed The Club’s debut and the adjustment to the WWE style:

"We debuted in the Staples Center. The very next week was England Raw, we were going to attack Roman Reigns that night - he was the WWE Champion at that time. Me and Gallows do whatever we're told. That's just the way we came up. I didn't realise WWE was a completely political insane asylum where you weasel around and try to get different things done, which really confused me at first. Then I figured it out and was like, 'wow, this is place is f*****.’ I just asked, 'Hey, does Vince want us to wear the same exact clothes we wore last week or does he want us to wear different clothes? Why would we wear the same exact clothes, this week? Are we broke? Are we poor? Do we just bring the same clothes?' They're like, 'Well, what you should do is go in there and talk to him.' We got an opportunity to walk in with Vince. We sit down and he goes, 'What can I do for you fellas?' We go, 'Well, Vince, we just want to know if you want us to wear the same clothes last week when we debuted.' He goes, 'Jesus Christ, that was easy. Gray for you, black for him. Yes, I wish all these meetings were easy.' He laughed, big hug. He goes, 'Is that it?' 'Yeah.' He goes, 'You guys made a hell of an impact last week, thanks a lot.' As I walked away, I was like, ‘F***, that was an opportunity we missed' to maybe just talk to him. Brother with him a little bit. Just do something. He was almost expecting a complaint or something else. That part has eaten at me forever because that's the whole American and WWE mentality that I've learned to find out the way it's supposed to be.”

Anderson was asked about any other meetings he and Gallows had with Vince:

"We sat with him a couple of times, but it was never about trying to do this or that. It was just, 'Hey Vince, do you think this is okay? Do you mind us being doctors? Should we not be funny?' He said, 'I think it adds another layer to your character.' 'Okay, you like it?' 'Yes.' That was it and we walked away. We were booked to be doctors, we liked it and think it's funny. Then an agent goes, 'You should talk to Vince about this. Make sure he doesn't want you to be too funny.'"

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