Karrion Kross Praises AJ Styles

Karrion Kross believes AJ Styles is still the best at what he does

Karrion Kross is full of praise for recent foe AJ Styles. 

The People's Executioner has been tangling with The Phenomenal One since May, wrestling him on both television and non-televised live events. 

It has been a rewarding experience for the 37-year-old, as he recently told the K100 podcast: 

"AJ and I have been working. He's amazing to work with. He's the best. The thing that stands out to me is that he has a ring IQ of nobody that I've ever met. I've met people with high ring IQs - for anyone who doesn't know what I mean is how would structure a match for the time and place for the people involved. The way he sees wrestling is, he was ahead of his time when he was coming up in TNA, and I think in a lot of aspects, he's still ahead of his time, even present day. The things that he's doing, there are nuances that people aren't even picking up that people will study a decade from now going, 'he was the only one doing that'. I won't say what it is, but if you know you know if you watch his work," Kross said.

He continued, noting that the two are unafraid to get physical with each other when they're in the ring together, saying:

"He'll bring it. He's someone I can get in the ring with where I know he's going to punch me in the face, I'm good with it, he knows I'm good with it, and he knows I'm going to suplex him on his head. People are going to get their money's worth when we work." 

Styles defeated Kross on last Friday's episode of SmackDown.

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