Kelly Kelly Reveals Vince McMahon Turned Down WWE Heel Turn

"That’s exactly why you could never be a bad guy."

Kelly Kelly has revealed she asked Vince McMahon if she could turn heel in WWE, only for the Chairman to deny her request because she didn't have a 'bad guy face'. 

Kelly spent six years on the WWE main roster, winning the Divas Championship. After beginning her WWE career on ECW, she was moved to Raw before eventually ending up on Smackdown. 

The former Diva's run in the promotion is notable in that Kelly is one of a handful of WWE superstars to never turn heel, with Kelly now revealing that she did actually want to go to the dark side while with the promotion. 

However, it was the boss himself that turned down the idea. 

Speaking to The Asylum Wrestling Store, she said: "I did [want to be a heel]. I really did and I remember I went to Vince McMahon’s office one day because I was like, ‘Let me ask him what he thinks about me being a bad guy’ and he was like, ‘First off, let me see your bad guy face,’ and I tried to have this mean look and after like two seconds, I started laughing.

"He’s like, ‘That’s exactly why you could never be a bad guy. Have a good day Kelly, you’re good.’ That was the one and only time I ever tried and then I just left it alone."

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