EXCLUSIVE: The Blue Meanie Reveals How The Rock Helped Save His Job In WWE

The Blue Meanie speaks exclusively to Cultaholic!

The Blue Meanie has revealed how he heard The Rock intervened to help save his job in WWE in 1999.

Meanie exclusively discussed his position in the company and how 'The Great One' stepped in during his recent appearance on Desert Island Graps with Cultaholic’s Tom Campbell, which can be listened to here

Having joined the then-WWF in 1998, Meanie revealed how he had been let go, only for intense lobbying by fans and certain other superstars saw him return to the promotion. Having offered a suggestion for one of Rock's promos in July 1999, regarding Kane, Meanie speculated that The Brahma Bull may have stepped in after his good idea.

Speaking on Desert Island Graps, he said: "There's a fanbase called Strictly ECW. When ECW got taken off pay-per-view they lobbied to get ECW back on pay-per-view.  These same fans started a campaign called Save The Meanie. They emailed WWE, they called WWE and harassed them.

"So I'm sitting at home in Philly, JR calls and says: 'There's been a reprieve from the warden. I think we're gonna give you another chance!'

"Word is that a few of the guys went to Vince and said 'Hey, this guy didn't even get chance to do anything and you're letting him go?' There's word that Sean Waltman might've said something. I don't know how true it is. 

Word is Rock might've said something. There was a moment at TV and Rock was doing something with Kane. Vince Russo and Rock are going over what they're going to say with Kane and I was like 'Dude, Kane's got that thing with the voice box'. And I remembered I'd seen Dennis Leary do something about a guy with a voice box ordering something at the Wendy's drive-thru. I said: 'Hey, why don't you go in the ring and go [in a voicebox tone] 'My name is Kane. I'm a roody-poo candy ass'? and he went and did it!

"So I don't know if that idea stuck in his head. 'Hey, he gave me an idea that worked out; let me go to bat for him'. I dunno. Somebody came to me in production and said: 'A couple of people spoke up for you' and then Vince Russo comes up to me and goes: 'Bro, our email system and our phone banks became inundated with emails and phone calls for "Save The Meanie"'. 

"And Vince Russo went to Vince [McMahon] and was like 'Maybe we made a mistake' and then they brought me back."

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