Ken Shamrock Feels He Deserves To Be A WWE Hall Of Famer

Ken Shamrock wants to be in WWE Hall of Fame

UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock was a major part of WWE's Attitude Era. 

The former Intercontinental Champion and 1998 King of the Ring winner was only on WWE television for a couple of years, but left a lasting legacy in that time. 

According to the World's Most Dangerous Man, he believes he has done enough to warrant entry into the company's Hall of Fame, but that the decision is out of his control. 

Speaking on the Universal Wrestling Podcast, Shamrock said: 

"I think anybody that does anything at the highest level wants to be recognized for their greatness. It's out of my control. Obviously, I think I did enough for me to be recognised, especially if you have seen some of the guys that went in there. If you really look at it, I was there for two, two and a half years, and let's not talk about the length of when I was there, let's just talk about, did I leave it better than before I left? Did I do things that were everlasting? 

"Being in the Hall of Fame, you have to be above everything else, the things that you did leave an impression on the organization forever. Those are things that you look at for Hall of Fame material. Not just winning championships and doing certain things, but did you build the company, did you help make that company become something different for the future? If you look at the stamps that are all over wrestling, it's Ken Shamrock. Submission holds, I brought those in. I mixed them in with pro wrestling and now everybody is doing it. 

"If you're looking at it and you want to figure out whether or not I do or don't belong, those are the things you look at. I look at it and say absolutely, I belong in there. Again, it's out of my control. Those are things I can't control. I was already inducted into other hall of fames for things that I have done, I'm very proud of that, but if I don't get into WWE (Hall of Fame), it's not something I'm going to lose sleep over. I see it as something important, but those are decisions that I cannot control, and therefore I have to move on and do other things to make sure my legacy and life and family are left in a better place".

As well as the UFC Hall of Fame, Shamrock was inducted into the IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2020.

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