Kenny Omega: AEW Wasn't Founded To Compete With WWE

Kenny Omega says AEW wasn’t built to compete against WWE

In a little over four years, All Elite Wrestling has gone from upstart company, to one of the biggest professional wrestling promotions on the planet, with some of the biggest names from wrestling's past and present working for AEW.

Such growth has seen AEW compared with WWE - for better or worse - but despite their positions as the two biggest wrestling companies in North America, AEW EVP Kenny Omega claims AEW was never set up to compete against WWE, saying the following to CBC Radio:

"I think it has allowed for just, I would say, more variety. And that's why I'll never say that we went into this to compete with WWE. I just want to give people the option to see things that are different stories that you might not be able to see there."

Despite Omega’s thoughts, AEW President Tony Khan recently inferred that the two companies are at war and ‘hate’ one another, stemming from reports that WWE tried to ‘tap up’ several contracted AEW stars in 2022.

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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