Kenny Omega Misses Just Being An In-Ring Talent

The former AEW World Champion liked it when the stress started and ended with his match

Kenny Omega has lamented the days when he was strictly an in-ring talent, noting that his position as an EVP of AEW makes him miss the time when all he had to focus on was wrestling. 

Speaking about the increase in responsibility during a recent appearance on The Sessions with Renée Paquette, The Cleaner said: 

"It (AEW EVP role) makes me miss the days when I could roll up with my carry bag and be like, 'Alright, let's just worry about the match that we have tonight' and the match is over and it's like, okay, that's it, it's over. That's where the stress starts and ends, with your own performance and now there's so much more that goes into it and though, you know, our various roles, they do have limits of course. I mean, we don't do everything. We have more of an infrastructure and we have people that do have roles and jobs within the company so it's not like we are as busy as we were in year one. 

"However, there are still things that we have to do all the time and there are still things that prevent us from being the people that we used to be. For the people that came before us and had roles in major wrestling companies but still had to go out on TV and pretend like, yeah, this is the entire reason why I'm here is for this one performance but they had so many other things on their plate that you didn't see, that wasn't for the public to see or even understand or even hear about. These are sort of legends that get told decades later down the line. I have so much more respect for the people that were actively involved on the show but then also were accounted on by the people on their team to provide in some other way that took a lot of time from their schedule".

There has been increased speculation regarding Omega's pro-wrestling future of late, with recent reports suggesting that he is 'open-minded' about signing with WWE.

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