Kenny Omega Wants To Face NJPW's Jay White & Will Ospreay To "Show The World The Difference Between Their Levels & Mine"

Taking on "the new Kenny Omegas"

Kenny Omega wants to face New Japan Pro-Wrestling stars Will Ospreay and Jay White so he can "show the world the difference between their levels and mine."

Speaking to Tokyo Sports, an outlet with predominantly kayfabe interviews, Omega revealed which wrestlers in Japan he would like to see in All Elite Wrestling. 

"Obviously I have to put up Ibushi," he said. "If he flies over to US, I know for sure Okada will be very happy. The fans have been very receptive to Takeshita (Konosuke) so I'd love to have him come over again. Personally, I'd love to wrestle (Will) Ospreay and Jay White. They are two people which NJPW wanted to make as 'the new Kenny Omega'. They're nowhere at my level but, they're two outstanding names in the current NJPW roster. If I could wrestle them, I can show the world the difference between their levels and mine."

This is just the latest shot Omega has taken at Will Ospreay in recent weeks and both men were involved in a war of words on social media earlier this month. 

Omega and White have also had their own spats in 2021 during The Elite vs. Bullet Club cold war and they came face-to-face at Slammiversary in July. 

Omega has only faced Ospreay and Jay White once before in singles matches. Omega and Ospreay went one on one at PWG All-Star Weekend 11 in 2015. White and Omega clashed at New Beginning In Sapporo 2018, where White defeated The Best Bout Machine for the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship. 

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