Kevin Nash On What WCW's Biggest Problem Was

This was a headache for WCW's bookers

World Championship Wrestling was riddled with problems both behind the scenes and in front of the camera during its final years, but former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Kevin Nash has his take on what the biggest one was. 

Big Sexy recently joined his Kliq This podcast co-host Sean Oliver for a watch-along of his infamous Starrcade 1998 match with Goldberg. Nash won the bout and the Heavyweight Title thanks to interference from Scott Hall, who used a cattle prod to end Goldberg's undefeated streak.

Nash was asked by an AdFreeShows.com subscriber whether it was difficult dealing with so many big stars as the booker, to which he responded: "That was the biggest problem we had because everybody wanted to book their own sh*t". 

The WWE Hall of Famer then revealed he made a decision to set a precedent with himself, saying: 

"I went out and put Rey Mysterio over, like when I first started booking. I booked myself to put over Rey and I put him over clean. The reason I did that was like, if the second-biggest guy in the territory could put over the smallest guy in the territory, I don't wanna hear anything about clean finishes".

Mysterio beat Nash on the February 22, 1999 episode of Nitro, which began a short-lived run where the 'giant killer' also got victories over Bam Bam Bigelow and Scott Norton.

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