Kevin Nash Reveals Booking Aspect Of AEW That He Hates

There's one aspect of AEW's booking that is far from 'too sweet' in Kevin Nash's opinion...

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash has outlined one aspect of AEW's booking that irks him, believing that the company is 'booking for the smarts'. 

Speaking on a recent edition of the Kliq This podcast, Big Daddy Cool said: 

"They [AEW] roped me in with f*cking CM Punk versus [Jon] Moxley. What they're doing over there is the f*cking thing I hate which is, they're booking for the smarts and if you're smart then you already know there is no way CM Punk would kick with a foot that was injured to reinjure himself, and go down and cut the match short"

Nash was referring to the AEW World Title Unification Match on the August 24 episode of Dynamite, where Moxley beat Punk within a few minutes after Punk 'injured' his planted leg while delivering a standing kick to Moxley. 

Punk would be more successful in their rematch in the main event of All Out on Sunday, September 4, defeating Moxley to become a two-time AEW World Champion. 

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