Kevin Nash Thinks Bobby Lashley Is "Missing Something" In WWE

Kevin Nash believes WWE Superstar Bobby Lashley is missing something.

Speaking on his own Kliq This podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash believes that Raw Superstar Bobby Lashley is missing something. Nash explained:

"I love Bobby, he’s a sweetheart. He just always seems to be missing something. I don’t know what it is [...] I think he comes across to me like he is a nice guy. He’s not a killer. Bobby Lashley’s just not a killer. [...] If you said, ‘Please, I’ve had enough’ I think Bobby would stop. I think Brock would stomp you two more times."

Lashley is currently involved in a feud with Brock Lesnar, with the pair likely to have their next match at Elimination Chamber on February 18. A contract signing between the two has been announced for next week's WWE Raw.

The first singles match between the two came at last year's Royal Rumble event, where Lashley defeated Lesnar for the WWE Championship (thanks to interference from Roman Reigns, and the betrayal of Paul Heyman.)

Brock won the title back at Elimination Chamber 2022 before also scoring a singles victory over Lashley in a rematch at Crown Jewel.

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