Kevin Patrick 'Blown Away' By WWE's Production Levels & Travel Schedule

Patrick joined WWE in March

Kevin Patrick has opened up on life inside WWE, admitting he has been completely taken aback by the production levels, the travel schedule, and the dedication of the WWE superstars.

Patrick joined the WWE Raw team as a backstage interviewer in March and has, over the last three months, come to grips with what it means to be part of Vince McMahon's company.

Speaking during an interview with Jennifer Zamparelli on RTE 2FM, Patrick said: "I think the big difference is that they're not just athletes. They're so multifunctional and when you think about what they do, they're incredible athletes and I was blown away by this and they dedicate their whole lives to this 52 weeks a year.

"I'm on Monday Night Raw now, 52 weeks a year, in a different city across the world. We have our schedule to get back on the road now, soon. I'm telling you it's insane. From Las Vegas to Seattle to potential trips now overseas, hopefully, Dublin, and it's a bit of a circus in a way, like a bit of a rock and roll show, but the actual wrestlers themselves, they're brilliant at what's called cutting promos, you know, in front of the camera where they've got certain scenes where they need to film, but then you go into the ring and they're just incredible athletes, whether it be Tornado DDTs, top ropes, to just sheer brute strength and force.

"I've grown enormous respect for their dedication to their craft and just how good they are because there's, honestly, hundreds of thousands of people around the world that are trying to become them, like anything, and they've made it to the mountaintop. So I just have enormous respect for them and I get to see it week in and week out.

"Every day, every single day, like you're walking around the ThunderDome, where we are now during the pandemic, they set up this incredible facility and you'll hear, ‘Shh! Everybody quiet, something is being filmed.’ You could see Sheamus, you know, knocking the head off someone in the middle of the corridor. Then the next thing you pass that and you walk down there's another scene being filmed and in a way it's Hollywood meets professional athletes.

"It's just incredible the way Vince McMahon has set this up and run with it; and the way it's produced, presented, and everything. Again, I'm just blown away by it. So yeah, I have that thought all the time. But I must say, like anything, and you've been the same in your career, you dive in you give it everything you've got and all of a sudden you just find this massive love for it and love for the industry."

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