Killer Kross And Scarlett Bordeaux Reveal Which Former WWE Talent They Wanted To Feud With

Killer Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux on a missed feud in WWE.

Killer Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux recently spoke to WrestlingInc, and talked about a feud they wanted to have in WWE. Scarlett explained:

"We both feel like the fans didn’t really get to see what we were doing in NXT on the main roster. They wanted to see the entrance on the main roster, they wanted to see the entrance at WrestleMania, they wanted to see us wrestle Alexa and Bray. That’s what we wanted too, so it kind of feels unfinished when it comes to WWE.”

A key theme of the interview was the notion that both Kross and Scarlett never received a storyline payoff before being released from WWE, with Kross stating:

"The most common thing we get hit with face to face with people, they just feel like this thing we created for them never got paid off. That’s always heartbreaking to hear, but they also know it’s not our fault. This whole thing was kind of driven off a cliff. So if there’s an opportunity to give people back what they want - it’s not even necessarily what we want - but people have been very vocal and very transparent that the presentation of the two characters and this thing that we brought to life is what they wanted to see.”

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