Killer Kross Pitched To Revive The Corporate Ministry In WWE

Killer Kross wanted to bring the dark side back to WWE

After a dominant run in NXT, there were high hopes for Karrion Kross on WWE’s main roster, but things rapidly unraveled.

WWE creative ultimately killed Kross’s momentum, but that’s not to say Kross didn’t pitch things, as he revealed to NBC Sports Boston's Steve Fall, there were preliminary discussions about bringing back The Corporate Ministry:

"I had ideas about bringing back The Corporate Ministry. That was one of my final ideas that I had. I had a series of writers on board for that who thought it was a very good idea. I thought pitching those ideas would be cool because there's some nostalgia to it. You know, with all these crazy conspiracy theories that are always going around about esoteric businesses and stuff like that, and cults, and evil companies and stuff like that, I thought there would be a tasteful way to fictionalise that type of stuff and put it back on TV with a nostalgic twist,” said Kross.

The original Corporate Ministry combined The Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness and the McMahons’ Corporation, laying waste to the WWF in the Attitude Era.


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