Killian Dain Reveals Positive Coronavirus Tests Derailed Plans For Him And Drake Maverick In WWE NXT

Dain was released by WWE last month

The former Killian Dain has revealed how he and Drake Maverick both got COVID-19 last year, putting an end to stories that had been booked for them on WWE NXT.

Dain, who was released by WWE at the end of June, had been in a fun odd-ball pairing tag-team with Maverick over the last year or so in NXT, and Big Damo has admitted how much fun he had working with his partner.

However, any opportunity for sustained exposure on the black-and-gold brand was brought to a premature end by coronavirus.

Speaking on All Night Long, he said: "They up putting us together on-screen and I'm thinking it's a rib. The writer at the time was like, 'No, seriously, it's coming from the top. It's not a silly pitch, it's something they want to try.'

"Literally, from the first thing we did, they were laughing at us and enjoying it. That was the key. He was a lot of fun to work with. For me, I got to show range. If I hadn't had that opportunity, it'd be very difficult to go into the world and try to be a different character.

"The crazy stoic character is tough to pull off in the Independents because it's boring. It's not boring on TV because the commentator can explain it. I'm glad we got to show some range before it ended because it was great fun for me.

"We had a bit of bad luck with the COVID stuff. I got it and then he got it, so we both missed these periods of time just as things were going well and stuff had to be rebooked, but that was the entire year. 

"There was a period where we were supposed to do something with Undisputed ERA, we did one little thing with them, but boom, I have COVID. I don't even have symptoms. That takes Nikki [Cross] off TV. She was doing a thing with Bayley. She didn't get [COVID], but she had to isolate."

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