Killian Dain - Why Sanity Didn't Work On WWE’s Main Roster

The fearsome group didn’t lost long on the main roster

The fortunes of call-ups from NXT to Main Roster WWE is mixed to put it politely, with one of the perceived dropped balls being how SAnitY was used when called up.

The grouping of Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, Killian Dain, and Nikki Cross was as interesting as it was feared in NXT, but on main roster they were gone within a blink, with only Cross remaining with the company at this moment in time.

Now Dain himself has given his thoughts on why Sanity didn’t work on the main show, telling the It’s My House podcast:

"Nobody's ever admitted to me what went wrong, you know, and it's like, we can only really assume, we can only really speculate, maybe nobody in the top brass saw any of the three of us as being marketable enough. We're not the first, and will certainly not be the last.”

"...Maybe that was just bad timing and things like that," Dain continued. "A lot of the writers and producers we've worked with on NXT, who were there on RAW, Smackdown, you know, maybe had other people in mind for acts and for angles and stuff. And I just put it down to - we didn't impress at the right time."

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