Kofi Kingston Doesn't Regret Botched WWE Royal Rumble Spot

The New Day man explained his reason on Instagram.

Kofi Kingston has shared his thoughts on his Royal Rumble elimination at the weekend.

The former WWE Champion was eliminated while attempting one of his now-signature high-risk Rumble spots. While attempting a springboard, Kofi was shoved off the top rope by Kevin Owens, before turning 180 degrees in mid-air and grabbing the crowd barrier. Unfortunately, both of his feet momentarily hit the floor and he was deemed to be out of the match.

This is the first time Kingston has been eliminated while attempting such a manoeuvre, which led to a lot of discussion on social media. Kofi took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the response online, writing:

"The past couple days on social media, I’ve gotten a lot of “Why would you think that was even possible?” and “Why would you even try that?” The answer to that question is quite easy: because of the potential reward. What if you were to succeed in overcoming what is deemed “impossible”?

"The sense of accomplishment felt when you beat the odds and brazenly defy the probabilities is purely ecstatic. Peoples questions then morph into “How in the world did you do that?!” and “I never thought that would be possible!”"

He also discussed his feelings on the spot not paying off:

"However, even in failure there is also a reward; one that may be more valuable than success. That reward is: Self learning and growth. True strength. Failure forces you to take look within and learn about yourself."

Kofi rounded off the post by revealing that if he was given another chance, he'd still attempt to pull the trick off. 

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