Kofi Kingston Offers Praises For Triple H's Run In Charge Of WWE

Kingston thinks the difference in WWE under Triple H has been great

Kofi Kingston has been in WWE for over 15 years, competing for a long time under the creative control of Vince McMahon which saw him become a WWE Champion and a record-breaking WWE Tag Team Champion too. However, Kingston has offered nothing but praise for the change in regime and the new creative path under Paul “Triple H” Levesque. 

Kingston spoke on the Battleground podcast and touched upon his thoughts and feelings on the job Triple H is doing in WWE. 

"I think he’s doing such a phenomenal job right now. You got glimpses of what he could do with a roster when he was running NXT. When he took over NXT, there was a lot of eyes on NXT because they just started doing things a little bit differently, especially in comparison to the way things were run on the [main] roster at that given time. So now to see him at the helm, being able to bring that same mentality to the main roster, it’s great. Like I said, you’ve seen the results of it. You’ve seen how people are engrossed in the product. I think he really understands, and you go back and you think about him as a worker, his matches were storyline-based, story-driven. The matches themselves told a story from start to finish. So to bring that same mentality to the show now, you can see that, and I think it’s great. I think he’s doing a phenomenal job. Hat’s off to Triple H. It’s been an amazing ride.”

Kingston further explained how the little details of unique camera shots, entrances, the different presentations of matches and promos have all led to a feeling of change and a positive difference in WWE. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly