Kofi Kingston Predicts Pretty Deadly Will Impress On The WWE Main Roster

Kofi Kingston has high hopes for Pretty Deadly once they move to the WWE main roster.

Speaking recently to the Under The Ring podcast, WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston talked highly of NXT tag team Pretty Deadly (the duo of Elton Prince and Kit Wilson.)

The UK pair have recently been feuding with Kingston and New Day partner Xavier Woods, losing the WWE NXT Tag Team Titles to the main roster duo. In praise of Pretty Deadly, Kofi stated:

"I feel like they’re so incredibly special with the way they’re able to connect with the crowd, even if it’s in a way that the crowd is repulsed by them [laughs]. You know? It’s not an easy thing to do. It’s very difficult to go out there and get people emotionally invested in what you do, and they got it man. They got it. Hopefully, when the time is right, they come up to the main roster and the WWE Universe is going to be pleasantly surprised […] The people that are not familiar with their work are going to be very impressed, for sure."

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