Konosuke Takeshita Describes AEW Stint As 'The Most Mentally Exhausting Period' Of His Career

Konosuke Takeshita open up on ‘mentally exhausting’ run in AEW

Long tipped as the future of the business since he first stepped foot in an All Elite Wrestling ring, Konosuke Takeshita has picked up some huge wins in the company, although they came during a ‘mentally exhausting’ period of his career.

Takeshita spoke with home promotion DDT Pro-Wrestling, talking frankly about his experiences wrestling full-time in the USA:

“I thought hard work could cover for everything else before getting there. If I showed how good I am I could get more airtime, but there are other aspects that come to play when competing here (in America). Discrimination is not the word here but unfortunately there’s a lack of space for an Asian person to be on a TV show watched by Americans. No matter how good my condition was nor the amount of matches I was put it, or how many times they said my match was good, it felt like I couldn’t make it in the starting lineup, to put it in Baseball terms,” said Takeshita

Takeshita continued, noting the atmosphere at the recent Nippon Budokan ALL TOGETHER show he main evented in comparison to the atmosphere in America:

“Everyone felt like they’re having fun Wrestling here (in Japan). I haven’t had any fun wrestling ever since I got to America. The effort was bearing fruit, but I didn’t feel the enjoyment. It was the most mentally exhausting period in all 12 years of my wrestling career. However when I stopped having fun, my matches were better received and I gained more recognition. And its not proportional,” said Takeshita.

Takeshita later clarified his comments on X (FKA Twitter), writing: "I don't want you to misunderstand this is not necessarily a bad thing. In other words, taking on a challenge is hard work. It's like a cutting phase for bodybuilders. I understand that time is necessary to shine at the top. I make sure my choice had not been wrong. I'm The Alpha."

Some fans have lamented AEW for not following up on Takeshita’s huge PPV wins over Kenny Omega in 2023, but Takeshita has the chance to remind people what he’s made of when he faces IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Jon Moxley in a championship eliminator match at AEW Double or Nothing on May 26.

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