Kris Wolf Announces Retirement Plans Due To Concussion-Related Issues

Wishing Kris all the best for the future!

Independent wrestling star Kris Wolf has announced that she is to retire soon.

Wolf, who is well known to numerous promotions around the world including the likes of STARDOM, PROGRESS, and Pro Wrestling Eve, revealed that she has been suffering from concussion-related symptoms and that her current tour of the United States will be her last over there.

The former STARDOM High Speed Champion is retiring so her symptoms do not get any worse, having married just a few days ago.

Here's what Kris had to say in a YouTube Q & A livestream: “I’ve had some sh***y symptoms of my concussion stuff come up. I've taken only a few bookings. I think now would be a good time to peace out before I completely lose my mind. Just had a couple of blackouts and memory issues. It's kinda balls.

"My heart wants to take care of my head. If I can't question or learn things, I get sad. Concussions suck. And the thing that is scary is that 40 years later your personality may have been well affected by the concussions, and you don’t realize it.”

Kris also revealed that she has been talking to a promotion in London about a farewell show.

Everyone at Cultaholic wishes Kris all the very best for the future!

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